“So He got up from the table, took off His robe, wrapped a towel around His waist, and poured water into a basin. Then He began to wash the disciples’ feet, drying them with the towel He had around Him.” John 13:34

In Luke 22, Jesus’ disciples were arguing about who was the greatest amongst them. If we step back a moment, we can easily see that Jesus is the greatest amongst them.  And does Jesus point this out to them? No, He doesn’t, which only reinforces the point by not entering into their argument. But He goes further than that, for He reveals what true human greatness looks like, as we see here in John 12.

Taking off His garments, with only a towel wrapped around Him, He reveals to them that His identity does not change depending on how He looks. Getting down to His knees to do the job of a slave, He reveals no matter what job He does, His identity does not change based on what position He takes—even that of a common house servant.Washing the dirty feet of grown men, Jesus reveals that our mistakes and filth do not change His nature, that He can wash us clean each day and that His righteousness remains untouched. Such a truth gives us great hope that the King we are serving is the one who first served us and continues to serve us with His daily grace and love.

He reveals how we are to love others. Nothing can touch our identity when we abide in Him, the unchanging God. Who the world sees as the greatest will always change, but who is the greatest in His Kingdom is never in question. The greatest one is always going to be the Unchanging One.

We love because He first loved us. And the world will know who He is because of  how we love each other. We need no longer to deny giving love to each other for we have tapped into the source of all love, Jesus Himself.