“Righteousness is available because I go to the Father, and you will see me no more.” John 16:10

Jesus is the greatest gift-giver who has ever walked this planet. The gifts He gives us are so great that it takes faith to believe how good they are. They are too good to be true, so faith is needed! The gifts that He gives you today are so wonderful that your mind and heart are too small to contain it. Your emotions are not large enough to grasp His goodness.

Our feelings are always changing. Some days we feel up, and some days we feel down, and probably most days we feel both of these feelings as well as everything in between. Feelings are great indicators but horrible captains. If we let our feelings lead us rather than only indicate to us, we tend to act out of our old nature. Habitually being led by our emotions will cause us to fall into sin (missing the mark); we begin living for ourselves and we form sinful habits as we try to fill the void in our hearts. This sense of a void is just one of the many signs telling us that we were not designed to be filled with this world but rather something greater and far more wonderful.

It is interesting to note that the human condition has never changed since the beginning. The need to be made right has always been the same. The way people go about trying to fill this need of being right is different, but no matter the reason, it all points to the same essential need.

Jesus didn’t come as another noisy politician. Jesus didn’t come as another overpowering king. Jesus didn’t come as another judgmental teacher. He came as a servant-king. He came as a gift-giver. He gave to us the thing we have all wanted since the beginning: right-standing before God. A sense of “being in the right” in God’s eyes. His righteousness is so great and so perfect that no one has ever been able to earn it. It could only ever be obtained as a gift.

Jesus came and left. He came to die and left so that we may live. He came to go to the cross and left to make all things right. We now no longer live in the definition of our need but in the identity of His gift. He did not give us a type or a copy of His righteousness but His very own righteousness. His same righteousness, His same nature, His same DNA, is now in us. We can live differently now because we have the same righteousness as Jesus Christ, no longer living from the tiring place of feelings but from the energy of being in-the-right before God always, simply because Jesus’ righteousness is unchanging. And so now you and I can live in that assurance that our righteousness is unchanging!  Praise God!!! Glory to Him!! The one who the Son sets free is free indeed!